1. Yakushima trekking (3) – Natural World Heritage Island

    20 July 2015Final day we drove around Yakushima untill our depature time for Kagoshima.It took around 5hours stopping below intresting points on t...

  2. Yakushima trekking (2) – Natural World Heritage Island

    19 July 2015We pulled down the tent at early morning as we have to walk more longer than yesterday. and started to walk toword Miyanoura-dake....

  3. Yakushima trekking (1) – Natural World Heritage Island

    18 July 2015Yakushima is a round shaped island located 60km south west of Osumi peninsula Kagoshima prefecture.   The island has an area of 505 squa...

  4. Kiso valley – Tsumago-juku

    05 July 2015Tsumago is a second post town from south, next to Magome. This town is the most famous that best preserved post town in Japan. We had li...

  5. Kiso-valley Magome – Tsumago trail

    04 July 2015I walked part of Kisoji from Magome-juku(post station) to Tsumago-juku with my wife.  The Kisoji is portion of Nakasendo-way which conne...

  6. Lake Biwa – Cherry blossom viewing from water surface

    12 April 2015I have been looking forward to this day. Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing) by kayak is once in a year event for me.  Kaizu-Osaki is a pen...