SLOW CYCLING in KYOTO – start from 1st Sep

Discover the beautiful village of Miyama by biking.

On this trip you come to know what the Japanese landscape use to be. The remote mountain village of Miyama is located 50km north of Kyoto-city, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes away by car. Miyama-village is famous for its traditional thatched roof houses (Kayabuki). The thatched roof houses were seen in various regions in the old days in Japan. However, in recent years, most of them have disappeared. We can see group of thatched roof houses in very limited area, such as Shirakawago (World heritage sites), as well as here in Miyama.
See another side of Kyoto with a day cycling trip that takes you away from crowded Kyoto city (or Osaka). Enjoy ride and observe local life as you cycle through picturesque village.

Yen 9,000 per person
Minimum 2, Maximum 6 participants

Transportation, Cycling guide, Sports bike (Gios, Bianchi, Trek, etc…),
Cycling helmet, rain poncho, lunch, bottle of mineral water,

Meet up
08:00 am at JR Yamazaki Station, The station located between Kyoto and Osaka, 15 minutes from Kyoto station and 25 minutes from Osaka station by JR train.

08:00am meet at JR Yamazaki station between Kyoto and Osaka, drive to Miyama (60-90minutes)
10:30am - 15:30pm enjoy cycling, lunch enroute
15-30pm - 16:30pm drive to JR Yamazaki station
17:00pm - 17:30pm Finish at JR Yamazaki station

Approximately 9 - 10 hours (including return transportation 1.5hrs x 2 = 3hrs

Cycling distance 35-40km
Riding Level: Recreational level (not so difficult)
Ups and downs: Mostly flat, not so much ups and downs



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