Experience harvesting bamboo shoots and enjoy cooking and tasting.

Experience harvesting bamboo shoots and enjoy cooking and tasting this local delicacy in Oyamazaki town in Kyoto.

The bamboo shoot harvesting season is upon us and Oyamazaki town bamboo forest volunteer group organized a special event to let you experience the harvesting of this highly prized in Japanese cuisine vegetable also known as the King of the Forest Vegetables.

Oyamazaki town, which is famous for its vast bamboo forests and historical battlefield on Mt. Tennozan, invites foreign residents and visitors to Japan to harvest bamboo shoots and enjoy the seasonal taste of this local delicacy this spring. Please come and join our event!

Date : April 19th (WED), April 29th (SAT)

Meeting Place: Nishiyama-Tennozan Station (Hankyu Line)
20 minites from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.
40 minutes from Osaka Umeda Station.
Meeting time: 9:00 am
Fee: 2,000 yen per person (pay on the spot at the meeting place)
You can bring the harvested bamboo shoots back home with you.
Free of charge for children under 15 years old (must be accompanied by adults)


9:00 am – Our staff will meet you at the station and walk to the Ogura Shrine (20 minute walk).
9:30 am – Oyamazaki bamboo forest volunteer group will join us at Ogura Shrine and walk
us to the bamboo forest (20-30 minute hike up the hill).
We`ll have about 2 hours in the forest. Take your time and have fun digging out bamboo shoots.
12:30 pm – Enjoy freshly harvested sliced bamboo steak at the local venue.
14:00 pm – Walk back to Nishiyama Tennozan Station (20 minutes)
Optional: Visit Suntory beer Brewery (free of charge, but need to book in advance)


1. In case of rain this event will be cancelled.
2. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and casual clothes that you wont’t mind get-ting dirty
3. Please bring some water.
4. We’ll provide cotton work gloves and pickazes.

For more information about the event and reservations please contact Mr. Masumi Hamajo at hamajo@slowtourism.jp.
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 15th and 29th of April, 2017.

Please ask by contact form

+81 (0) 75-201-9966
Mon – Fri 09:30 – 18:00
Sat 09:30 – 12:30
Sun & National Holiday : closed


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