World Heritage – The Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes Self-guided Walking Tour 4days 3nights.

The world heritage site “Kumano Kodo” the pilgrimage trails lead to holy Kumano Sanzan(three major shrines of Kumano – Hongu-taisha, Nachi-taisha, Hayatama-taisha) and trails also link to Koyasan, Yoshino and Ise. Kumano is name of region in southern Kii peninsula, spans Wakayama, Mie and Nara-pre.

Kumano Kodo is part of UNESCO World Heritage “Sacred sites and Pilgrimage route in the Kii Mountain range” designated in 2004. This is one of two pilgrimage route in the world designated as a UNESCO World heritage. The other is Camino de Santiago de Compostela (The way of St.James pilgrimage) in Spain registered as a UNESCO World heritage in 1993.

Kyoto Zen Buddhist temple stays

The Nippon Foundation, in collaboration with five private temples and sub-temples, offers a program this year that allows Japanese and foreign guests to enjoy exclusive, upscale stays at Zen Buddhist properties throughout Kyoto.

These are newly renovated monks' quarters, as luxurious as the finest ryokan (Japanese inns). Four of the properties have traditional tatami rooms with futon for sleeping, and Kouunji, has Western beds. All of the properties are elegant, refined, and quiet. Each grants access to private gardens, closed to the public, and serenity that is almost unparalleled in this modern city that is these days filled with tourists from all over the world.

Guests who participate have an opportunity to learn zazen (sitting meditation) from the Zen Buddhist monk who is the authority at each temple. 

Mt. Daimonji hiking tour with a panoramic night view. Mt. Daimonji is famous for the giant Chinese character

“大” that is depicted by fire lit to illuminate the mountain every year on August 16th during one of Kyoto`s most spectacular festivals `The Daimonji Gozan Okuribi` (Obon Fire Festival).

The panoramic views of Kyoto city, its surroundings and even skyscrapers of Osaka and Awaji island on a fine day make it a very popular hiking spot in Kyoto.

We meet at the subway Keage station in the late afternoon and head to the top of Mt. Dai-monji. With the height of 465m, it takes about 1hour 30minutes to reach the summit.

We recommend an activity called Shower climbing while hot summer period.

We have very beautiful and clear water streams within 1hour from Kyoto city. Splash along the water, swimming through gorges, climbing waterfalls, slide down into the river, or jump into the basin under a waterfall if you want. I think this trip will be unforgettable experience for you. Please join us and enjoy great outdoor in Japan.

Special Kyoto sight-seeing plan
Cultural experience
Historical Temples – Special admission

We have produced plans unlike any other, in the heartland of Japan’s world renowned traditional culture. There are many beautiful gardens and cultural assets like temples that are not open to the public. Also, at famous temples and World Heritage Sites, we will be able to guide you to areas that are not open to normal people. We would like to suggest you to visit one of below temple while your staing in Kyoto. Please let us know your requests.

Our service will carry people to their hotels using public transport such as airport buses, airport trains and the subway. In addition to simply guiding people to their hotels, we will inform them in English of essential information for traveling in Japan, such as public transport information, how to buy tickets, discount passes, how to use public phones, how to purchase SIM cards, the business hours of banks and shops, unique manners and customs in Japan, and access information to major sightseeing spots in the Kansai area.

We will also offer an easy Japanese course of about 30 minutes that is useful for asking and answering questions and traveling. Please use our service to make sure your first trip to Japan goes off without a hitch.

Experience harvesting bamboo shoots and enjoy cooking and tasting this local delicacy in Oyamazaki town in Kyoto.

The bamboo shoot harvesting season is upon us and Oyamazaki town bamboo forest volunteer group organized a special event to let you experience the harvesting of this highly prized in Japanese cuisine vegetable also known as the King of the Forest Vegetables.

Oyamazaki town, which is famous for its vast bamboo forests and historical battlefield on Mt. Tennozan, invites foreign residents and visitors to Japan to harvest bamboo shoots and enjoy the seasonal taste of this local delicacy this spring. Please come and join our event!